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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction at Colores Cosmetic Surgery in Miami is a highly sought-after procedure, offering a range of techniques tailored to achieve a natural, aesthetically pleasing shape. Our focus is on elevating the position of the areola and narrowing the base of the breast for a proportionate and comfortable outcome. 


    Who is a good Breast Reduction candidate?

    Good candidates for breast reduction surgery at Colores Cosmetic Surgery typically include women who experience:

    • Chronic Pain: Those suffering from ongoing back, neck, and shoulder pain, often resorting to pain medications for relief.
    • Skin Irritation: Women facing chronic skin irritation or rashes under their breasts.
    • Nerve Pain: Individuals experiencing discomfort due to nerve pain.
    • Activity Limitation: Those whose large breast size limits their physical activity.
    • Self-Esteem Issues: Women feeling self-conscious or experiencing low self-esteem because of their breast size.
    • Clothing Challenges: Difficulty in finding bras and clothing that fit comfortably and suitably.

    However, breast reduction might not be advisable if you:

    • Smoke: As it can hinder the healing process and increase surgical risks.
    • Have Certain Health Conditions: Like diabetes or heart disease, which can complicate surgery.
    • Are Significantly Overweight: Being very obese can increase surgical risks and impact the surgery’s effectiveness.
    • Prefer to Avoid Scars: As surgery inevitably results in some scarring.

    At Colores Cosmetic Surgery, we conduct thorough consultations to determine the best course of action for each individual, prioritizing your health and desired outcomes.

    Essential Preparation Guide for Your Reduction Mammoplasty

    To prepare for your Reduction Mammoplasty at Colores Cosmetic Surgery, there are several important steps to follow to ensure a smooth procedure and recovery:

    1. Medication Adjustments: Prior to surgery, our surgeon will advise you to stop taking certain medications, especially anticoagulants like acetylsalicylic acid, ibuprofen, and warfarin. This is to reduce the risk of excessive bleeding during and after the surgery.
    2. Smoking Cessation: If you’re a smoker, it’s crucial to stop smoking well in advance of the surgery. Smoking can significantly slow down the healing process and increase the risk of surgical complications.
    3. Pre-Surgery Instructions: On the day of your surgery, adhere strictly to the instructions regarding fasting. This means no eating or drinking for a certain period before the operation.
    4. Medication Compliance: Take any pre-surgery medications prescribed by your surgeon with just a small sip of water.
    5. Appropriate Clothing: Wear loose-fitting clothes that can be easily buttoned or zipped from the front. This will make dressing and undressing after the surgery easier and more comfortable.
    6. Timely Arrival: Ensure that you arrive at the hospital on time to avoid any unnecessary stress or delays.

    Following these guidelines will help minimize risks and contribute to a more favorable outcome for your Reduction Mammoplasty at Colores Cosmetic Surgery.

    free consultation

    Your initial Breast Reduction consultation

    At your initial breast reduction consultation at Colores Cosmetic Surgery, we’ll conduct a comprehensive evaluation. This includes reviewing your medical history and conducting a general examination to understand your health status fully.

    During this consultation, it’s vital to openly discuss your aesthetic goals, any medical conditions you may have, known allergies, current medications, and your surgical history.

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